Thursday, 4 August 2011

Installing JBoss Developer Studio (Eclipse)

In the last post we looked at how to prepare our environment to run JBoss Enterprise Service Bus on JBoss Application Server and trying out the HelloWorld sample project.
This time we will perform the last step in getting our computer ready for some real development by installing and configuring the JBoss Developer Studio.

Got and download the free edition. You may need to register with RedHat before you can download it.
I got the JBoss Developer Studio 4.0.0 Stand Alone Windows Binary and then installed it. Just take all the defaults.
Fast Forward>> Once this is complete, start the studio, go to Window->View->Other->Servers->OK
Go to the Servers view and right-click, select "New->Server". Navigate to JBoss Community->JBoss AS 4.2
In the Home Directory, I put in my path to the application server's root which is C:\jboss\jboss-4.2.3.GA\jboss-4.2.3.GA and then selected the JRE to "jdk1.6..." Yours may be slightly different. In Configuration select "default" and accept the rest of the defaults to completion.
Select the new server and click "Start" (but make sure you dont have the AS server running in a command window elsewhere first), it should create a server at http://localhost:8080. Check the address out and make sure there is a website there.

If you didnt see the JBoss references in your JBoss Developer studio, then you may need to install the plug-ins.
 In this case you need to go to Help->Install New Software...->Add->Location".
Paste this - and click ok then add the JBossAS tools.

In the next post we will start working with our own HelloWorld application to understand the concepts of the enterprise service bus.

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